ArtTrak Free Offers
Thank you for your interest. We are pleased to offer the following free subscriptions:
  ArtTrak Newsletter:   The ArtTrak Newsletter has been created to work with our blog (link on our main page). We provide up to date information on the appraisal and authentication of Tribal art, current Tribal art related news and stories. During the summer, the Newsletter will also cover the stops we make on the Antiques Roadshow.

  Mailing List:   We provide a number of services to our clients including object searches, authenticating and appraising collections, charitable donation consultations, and collection cataloging. For our appraisal and authentication clients we maintain a current file of the collection. Subscribers to the mailing list are informed of objects we find before they are available on our website as well as objects sold on a private basis. Active buyers may also be provided a private gallery on the website accessible only by them.